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GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Check out the different unique weapons and items that you can get in RDR2! This guide will give you tips and tricks on how to get the following weapons items, including locations, and a detailed walkthrough. They can only be found in certain locations of the map, or earned in certain missions. Unique weapons are standard weapons with a unique or custom look. These weapons are purely cosmetic and will not offer any gameplay advantage to you.

Other than a handful of unique weapons such as the Semi-Auto Shotgun, and Schofield Revolver, most unique weapons will neither let you customize their looks, or add performance enhancing parts.

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You can rob the general in Valentine, and will be able to loot this weapon inside a box from the back room of the general store. Flaco's Revolver sports a silver finish with lots of subtle engravings starting from the handle, and fading at the barrel. You will be able to pick up this revolver after defeating the gunslinger Flaco Hernandez in a duel.

A gold-plated revolver with engravings around it, deals high damage, is accurate, and fires fast. Travel the wild west like the legendary gunslinger Otis Miller! The revolver can be found in a wooden box hidden in a small cave in Rattlesnake Hollow.

Micah's Revolver is very similar in stats with the regular Cattleman's revolver, but what sets it apart is its unique look. Engraved on the barrel of the gun is Micah's vendetta, "Vengeance is Hereby Mine".

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You will find Micah's Revolver right next to Micah's body after you have killed him in Epilogue 2. If you weren't able to take it after the Epilogue, you can always go back up Mt.

Hagen to get it. Billy Midnight's Pistol is a beautiful variation of the Mauser Pistol as it is gold plated and filled with numerous engravings around its body.

You will be able to take this gun from the gunslinger Billy Midnight after defeating him in a duel. It is in a box on the table at the basement. A custom rifle once belonging to a bounty hunter, adorned with carved stock and blackened steel. Performs similarly to normal Rolling Block Rifle. This weapon can be looted from a sniper in the mission "Magicians For Sport" in chapter 3.

Look for the enemy firing at you from the barn. You will be able to acquire the Hunter Hatchet as it may have been abandoned by its owner, since you can pick it up at a tree stump from Window Rock. The Ancient Tomahawk packs a bit more damage per hit than regular Tomahawks. Though both function the same as a melee and throwable weapon.

You can find the Ancient Tomahawk lodged to a broken wooden target in upper Ambarino. It's located just west of Calumet Ravine in a cliff overlooking it. It functions similar to a normal Hatchet and can be used both as a melee or a throwable weapon.

Although its blade has been rusted over, the Rusted Double Bit Hatchet is still an effective weapon. You can use it to strike down the enemy in close quarters or from a distance.

You can find in between the two buildings near the Mines. A hunting knife belonging to John Marston.

Performance wise, it works similarly to normal Hunting Knife. This creepy mask is made out of pigskin, and will make you look like a deranged psycho killer when worn.In Red Dead Redemption 2there are many secrets and weapons to discover, including the hidden Schofield Revolver. An overview of all trophy guides can be found right hereand we also have a complete RDR2 Wiki.

schofield revolver rdr2 how to get

Do not go in but walk around the house, behind the house you will find a window. With L2 you can look through the window, then the message appears that you have discovered a hidden operation.

Now you have to rob the doctorgo through the front door and press L2then threaten him with your weapon.

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Shortly after you threaten him you can press the D-pad up to let him open the rear door. As soon as the door is open, rush in and kill the three enemies and the woman. If you survived, you could take the Schofield Revolver off the table. Hello, I love to play computer games, but I am tired of playing normal modes. Someone tell me where I can find cheat codes for various games?

I agree Privacy Policy. We'll show you where the black market dealer is hiding in Destiny 2 on January 21, and what he has on offer. We show you all the locations of the 5 springs. We'll show you where the black market dealer is hiding in Destiny 2 on January 15, and what he has on offer. Need more Guides and Solutions? Here you will finde all Guides.

Written by: J. Aswert December 18, Reply. Email never published. PS4 Xbox One. Appears only in advertising, marketing and promotional materials related to a game that is expected to carry an ESRB rating, and should be replaced by a game's rating once it has been assigned.

Privacy Infos Privacy Policy Imprint.Despite a slower firing rate and reload speed, when compared with other revolvers, it can still be dual wielded to great effect. This revolver is available from all gunsmiths after completing "Blessed are the Meek? Alternatively, it can be found when robbing the doctor's side business in Valentinein the loot box on the table. In Onlinethe Schofield Revolver can be purchased at any gunsmith after reaching Rank 9. This wiki.

This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. While second or third class can often suffice in desperation or the dark of night, no truer model of revolver exists. If you vote something a nuisance, there is no better way to dispatch it. Arthur firing with the Schofield Revolver.

John firing his Schofield. Schofield Revolvers dual-wielded by Micah Bell in his official artwork. Sadie Adler with two Schofields in promotional artwork. Gatling Gun Browning Gun Cannon. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Pistols and Revolvers. Rifles and Repeaters. Scoped Rifles. Dual-wielding Category:Weapons Category:Weapons in Redemption 2 Weapons marked with grey are obtainable through GTA Online missions, weapons marked with blue are exclusive to Red Dead Onlineweapons marked in italics are unique and rare.Perfect balance on the hotels.

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schofield revolver rdr2 how to get

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapon Locations - Free Schofield Revolver

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Schofield Revolver (RDR 2)

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schofield revolver rdr2 how to get

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