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Recognised worldwide for combining quality and performance with unmistakable style, Smeg appliances are at the forefront of design and make cooking, cleaning and cooling a simpler, more pleasant task for their users.

Offering excellent performance throughout the cooking rangeSmeg excel in style and passion for food. Smeg range cookers come in a variety of sizes, styles and fuel types, each carrying the Smeg quality you would expect. From the classic style of a Victoria cooker or the professional appearance of Opera, through to the bright and beautiful Portofino collection, Smeg offer a range cooker to suit every kitchen.

The extensive range of built-in ovens from Smeg cater for every requirement. Whether you're looking for a small single oven or something with a larger capacity, you're sure to find it with Smeg. Opt for the Dolce Stil Novo oven for a clean, minimal design, or the Linea aesthetic with it's space optimising glass fronted finish. With Smeg there are plenty of added functions and features including steam assist and pyrolytic cleaning. When it comes to hobs, the Smeg collection is vast!

There are hobs to match each aesthetic line so you can create a seamless look in your kitchen. As well as gas, induction and ceramic hob options, Smeg also supply domino hobs so you can mix and match to suit your needs. Prefer one larger hob? A 90cm wide mixed fuel model would be a powerful and flexible option, not only that but with a frameless design, it looks great too!

Cooker hoods play an important role in the kitchen, both for aesthetics and functionality. Designed to offer the best combination of style, design and performance, Smeg Cooker Hoods reflect the elegance and style of the kitchen appliances with which they are installed and complement other Smeg appliances beautifully.

If you have a busy household and need a larger place to store your fresh goods, an American style fridge freezer is a great solution. Smeg supply top energy rated American style fridge freezers so you can store more and spend less on energy bills! Available in a range of colours you can match your fridge freezer to your other Smeg appliances. The fridge above freezer design allows you to view all your fresh produce at eye level, handy for when you need food in a hurry!

Well known for their incredibly iconic 50's retro style range, Smeg fridge freezers are available in 5 different sizes and an array of attractive colours, there is guaranteed to be a retro fridge or freezer to suit all colour schemes and cooling requirements. The Smeg refrigeration range also comprises of classic stainless steel fridge freezers, large side by side sets, models with ice and water dispensers plus, superb integrated refrigeration.

Offering excellent performance and sought after style, the distinctive design of Smeg washing machines, dryers and washer dryers, make them not only useful appliances for doing the chores, but with quick wash functions and superb energy efficiency, they save you time and money too.

smeg fridge canada price

Smeg dishwashers are stylish, innovative and highly energy efficient. Designed specifically to produce optimum wash results with minimal energy and water consumption, you cannot go wrong with a Smeg dishwasher.This site requires JavaScript.

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Smeg Introducing Smeg — A premium line of kitchen appliances and small electrics with a retro twist. Discover our selection of stand mixers, toasters, kettles, blenders, accessories and more!

Your Store: Select a store Free Pickup Today. Filter Sort.Only while stocks last. Discover the hand-painted Italian beauties. The household appliances from the iconic Smeg brandcombine charming retro flair with state-of-the-art technology and exquisite design.

Smeg is an Italian design company with its headquarters in Guastalla and which manufactures home appliances to the highest level of design. Smeg products are sold worldwide and are becoming increasingly popular.

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The washing machine is guaranteed to make doing the laundry more fun with the colourful LBB14 washing machine and you will surely feel like a celebrity chef with the stylish SCD90GX gas range cooker from Smeg. These unique design products from Smeg are also available to buy in our online store. The success story of Smeg began inwhen Vittorio Bertazzoni founded the company. Originally the Bertazzoni family owned a blacksmith shop, in which cookers were later produced.

From the first few letters of the historical name "Smith- Metallurgic - Emiliane - Gustalla" comes the name of the design brand Smeg.

smeg fridge canada price

The postwar period was of great importance to Smegsince it was in this period that people developed new needs. The rhythm of city life had changed, new family structures were visible and the role of the working woman came to the fore.

Appliances were a status symbol, because with them time could be saved, which in turn could be used for recreational activities. Smeg recognized the changed lifestyle and designed true showpieces around the theme of the household. Smeg's ideas seemed hardly to have limits. In the late s Smeg brought one of the first gas stoves with an automatic ignition, a safety valve in the oven and gas programming onto the market.

In the design company also produced dishwashers and seven years later developed the world's first 60 cm wide dishwasher with 14 place stands. In the mids Smeg developed hobs and built-in ovens and began working with major international designers and architects. Smeg completed its range in the s with sinks, decorative hoods and coloured refrigerators which had a retro look.

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Today the design studio is run by the third generation. In addition to the excellent product design, quality and technology are still important to Smeg today. The appliances from Smeg bring a classic and elegant style of living into your home.

Treat yourself to a Smeg product on AmbienteDirect and be enchanted by the charm of Smeg appliances! Home Brands Smeg.Welcome to the Smeg house, where you can feel at home among your loved ones, grow your ideas and share your experience. Smeg's ongoing research has resulted in the free-standing refrigerator range, which has something for everyone thanks to its wide-ranging aesthetic principles.

The SMEG is more than just a fridge, its unique style combines good looks with high performance technology. An extraordinary refrigerator for the homes of avid collectorsor a fashionable lounge bar perfect for serving drinks.

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Smeg Commercial Support Store locator. Divina Cucina Sicily is my love. Inspiration Welcome to the Smeg house, where you can feel at home among your loved ones, grow your ideas and share your experience. View all. Single door. Freestanding refrigerators Smeg's ongoing research has resulted in the free-standing refrigerator range, which has something for everyone thanks to its wide-ranging aesthetic principles.

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smeg fridge canada price

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